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Instant Voice Chat
Anywhere. On the Fly.

Voice Chat API  is an open-source, out-of-the-box audio conferencing app exposed via an API. Talk with your teammates, friends, and others at the push of a button.

Simple Three Steps.





Create a conference room via the button below

Share the URL of the room with anyone you'd like.

Join your conference room and start talking.

Note: your private conference room can be accessed by anyone with the URL. All rooms will be automatically disposed of after 24 hours from the time of creation. To create another room, simply repeat step one.

Build your own integration with the API.

Create a conference room

Make a POST request and the app will create your conference room and return the URL of it.

Check out the documentation

$ curl -XPOST
"conference_name": "p12ygdwt1",
"conference_url": ""

Make this app more powerful.

Fork it, improve it, and delight people even more. Host this app on your own server and to unlock additional Plivo-powered features including:

1. Make outgoing phone calls to invite people to join your audio conference from their mobile phones.

2. Assign a regular phone number to your audio conference room through which people can join your room.

3. Disable automatic conference room disposal 24-hours upon room creation.

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You don’t need expensive infrastructure or the domain knowledge in telecom to build your own communications tools. Plivo makes it easier for you to build your own Voice and SMS app with a simple REST API. Using our Helper Libraries and Tutorials, building an app like Voice Chat API is almost a breeze.

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